Combat Fatique - 10 Tips for your week ahead


What to Do About Fatigue

Some interesting tid bits to help decrease fatigue and increase energy




l Exercise – At least 30 minutes per day of walking, playing with children, or intensive cardio activity.

l Eat well – A balanced diet of foods based with fruit, vegetables, and lean protein sources.

Adequate sleep – Make whatever lifestyle changes are necessary to ensure enough sleep. I mean anything.

l Drink enough water – Eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day.

l Don’t crash diet – Too few calories plus restrictions of certain types of foods spells fatigue.

l Try not to overeat – Your blood supply rushes to that site to digest the overabundance of calories, making your feel energy-depleted.

l Limit caffeine – to no more than two caffeinated drinks daily.

l Move Around – Whether at your desk or on the sofa, once an hour get up and get the blood flowing.

l Have fun – Shoe-horn in some enjoyable activities every day.

l Reduce stress – Institute lifestyle changes, call your friends to chat, laugh a little more, do anything it takes - you DESERVE it!


Have a wonderful week!



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